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Auxiliary Board

For Young Philanthropists

Forward Momentum Chicago’s Auxiliary Board is a group of arts advocates committed and eager to support FMC’s dance education programs and fundraising efforts while inspiring other professionals to find creative ways to strengthen their communities.

The Auxiliary Board’s primary goals are to serve as fundraisers and ambassadors for the organization, helping to promote awareness and create an impact on Chicago’s youth. Not only do the members gain valuable board experience, but they also get the opportunity to develop and grow in their philanthropic endeavors while providing opportunities to give back and build the next generation of leaders.

Mission: FMC’s Auxiliary Board is focused on building the pipeline that will encourage young philanthropists to invest in the FMC mission and vision of making dance accessible to communities that have limited arts access.


Engage in the Auxiliary Board monthly meetings. At least 75% of meetings (nine of twelve annual meetings) should be attended.

Represent FMC as Auxiliary Board ambassadors by supporting the recruitment, promotion, and fundraising efforts of the Board for annual events. Assist in the planning and attend the premier Auxiliary Board annual fundraising event. Attend Relevé Soirée, the annual gala fundraiser in June and as many organization events as possible. 

Donate to FMC by making a meaningful financial gift to the organization of at least $250 each fiscal year. This gift can be made by the Auxiliary Board member or they can solicit the philanthropic support of others, including employer matching grant and friends, to obtain this gift.

Participate in a committee or task force, or take on special projects as encouraged. Help identify personal connections that can benefit the organization’s fundraising and reputational standing. Be accessible to staff and other Auxiliary Board members as needed.


Impact the youth and communities of Chicago through dance education.

Grow your personal and professional skills through high-quality board experience. Learn how to advocate for the arts in the communities who need it most.

Receive recognition in event materials, newsletters, social media, and website.

Attend exclusive networking opportunities including events with the primary FMC Board of Directors.

Meet the Members

Morgan Mason, President

Morgan Mason, a Chicago native, is a Revenue Manager with Marriott International and is pursuing her Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Purdue University. She is a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from Northwestern University. Morgan is excited to have the opportunity to support FMC as President of the Auxiliary Board because she understands firsthand the impact dance education programs can have on the lives of students. She is a former member of the Exelon Strobel Step-Up Program and the After School Matters advanced apprenticeship program which were led by Pierre Lockett.

Braxton Wallace, Treasurer

Braxton Wallace grew up in Columbus, Ohio and works as a Consolidations Analyst for Standard Industries. His birthday is July 25th and he is the oldest of 4 boys, which is a reason why he is very family oriented. Some of his interests are going to concerts and live sporting events, doing yoga, and biking. “I love working with FMC because I get the opportunity to help kids with limited resources gain exposure to new opportunities. Exposure and opportunities are two of the greatest gifts to a child’s development to allow them to cultivate the life they envision for themselves. I’m excited for us to help the next generation!”

José Turrubiartez Wilson, Secretary

José “Che-Che” Turrubiartez Wilson is a Chicago native and serves as the Community Representative for the Local School Council at Lozano Elementary and a Recruitment Co-Chair for the Chicago Chapter of the New Leaders Council. He is currently a University of Chicago Civic Leadership Academy 2022 fellow. José Che-Che has been devoted to fighting for LGBTQ rights and public health access for the most vulnerable. “My family did not have money to send me to dance classes. It was programs like After School Matters, Gallery 37, and The Exelon Strobel Program, that were led by Pierre Lockett, that exposed me to the arts and brought me joy as a kid.” It is through programs like these that FMC empowers a new generation of youth to engage in community while having fun. He continues his commitment to the community by joining the Auxiliary Board in support of the FMC mission.

Erica Ortiz, Fundraising Chair

Erica Ortiz grew up in the Irving Park/Albany neighborhoods in Chicago. She cheered and danced, competitively, with local park districts from the ages of 5-13. In high school, she was accepted into Gallery 37’s dance program led by Pierre Lockett. In 2016, she became a teaching artist with the Joffrey Ballet as well as a Latin dance instructor with After School Matters. In 2017, she became the social media manager and part of the fundraising team for a small, non-profit, performing arts company. Erica is currently in hospitality sales as an Account Executive. Her favorite part about FMC is the collaboration among all of the members and seeing different perspectives and visions. She believes we can bring accessible programming to more youth in Chicago and provide unlimited resources for their creativity and talents to thrive.  

Mariya Chukas, Social Media Chair

Mariya Chukas is a Chicago native that currently resides in the city and works within higher education as a Regional Admissions Representative. Mariya is passionate about ensuring that youth have accessible resources and methods to express themselves, which is why community service and involvement in community-based organizations have always played a major role in her life. She is extremely excited to be a part of FMC and looks forward to collaborating with others that want to positively impact future generations.   


-Auxiliary Board terms are two years with a limit of four consecutive terms, or until the Auxiliary Board member ages out (maximum age of 38 years old).

-If an Auxiliary Board member ages out during the middle of a term, they will be permitted to serve the remainder of the term.

-During the Auxiliary Board member’s first term, they will serve for one year and then meet with the Auxiliary Board President to discuss their commitment and determine if they will continue their two-year term.

-If an Auxiliary Board member does not meet outlined expectations in their first year, the Auxiliary Board President may remove the Auxiliary Board member mid-term or at the end of a term with the approval of the rest of the Auxiliary Board members. The Auxiliary Board President will meet annually with all the Auxiliary Board members to discuss their participation.

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