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Forward Momentum Chicago wants to thank you all for your continued support especially throughout this pandemic. We are continuing to provide dance programming throughout Chicago and remain flexible as we slowly reopen to normal.

We hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy! Forward Momentum Chicago will do everything we can to support our community, friends, and partners. We are motivated to keep dancing toward the future and look forward to seeing everyone soon.

We are abiding by the following covid-19 regulations:

Covid-19 safety precautions

Please note, Covid-19 regulations are subject to change. We will do our best to stay up to date and will adjust our precautions as needed.

We ask that all program participants follow these required precautions:

-Participants must keep masks on at all times

-Please stay 6 feet apart from other participants and staff

-Participants must bring a water bottle.

-If you are sick, please stay home and notify us immediately


Will you be limiting enrollment for this year? Yes. For the health and safety of our summer camp participants, staff, and camp locations, we have lowered our enrollment to 55 students at our Englewood camp and 45 students at our Avondale Camp to reduce chances of exposure.

What other exposure protocols are you putting in place? We will be splitting up campers into small pods, encouraging outside activity whenever possible, implementing social distancing, having mask mandates, symptom checks, daily screening, and intensive cleaning.

Will campers get to select the group they are in? No. Campers will be split into groups of 20 or less based on their age to optimize dance instruction for their skill level.

What should campers come prepared with? Campers are required to always have a mask on, wear the dance attire provided to them, and bring a water bottle. Please note, there will be times where camp will be held outside in the heat.

How will community and comfort work during challenging emotional times for campers if social distancing is in place? Forward Momentum Chicago has received funding through the Arts Work Fund to expand our dance curriculum to incorporate trauma-informed best practices and deepen the social-emotional learning impacts for our students. We are committed to ensure our instructors have the resources and knowledge necessary to support children for in-person instruction who are dealing with trauma that have resulted from a myriad of incidents over the past year.

What happens if someone gets Covid-19/has direct exposure to Covid-19? If you are sick, please stay home and contact us immediately. We will contact all parents through our REMIND app if we are notified of any camper or staff member testing positive for COVID-19. In this case, we may plan to have a virtual rain date back up plan.

Will staff be vaccinated? We are unable to mandate staff to be vaccinated, however all staff are eligible to be vaccinated. We are working with all staff who want vaccines to get them.

Is there a chance this plan will change? There is always a possibility that things will change. We will be following procedures recommended by the CDC, Chicago Park District, Chicago Public Schools, Illinois, and Chicago guidance. We will release any new information ASAP.